Side Splitter Kit - GR/GV STI




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Vendor: Verus Engineering

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The Verus Engineering Street Side Splitters are configured to be aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.  Side splitters function by keeping the high-pressure air on the top side of the vehicle which improves downforce.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to ensure the side splitters perform as intended.

During the design process; we utilized in-house scan data. This resulted in a product that features a near OEM fit and finish.

These side splitters were designed for owners looking to complete their aero package and improve the performance of the car.


  • Plastic Side Splitter, Left-Hand

  • Plastic Side Splitter, Right-Hand

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install





Reduce Lift (Increase Downforce)

Improved Overall Aerodynamic Efficiency

Reduce Lap Times

Increase Gas Mileage

Simple Bolt-on Installation

Adjustable Design (Side splitter can be Adjusted In and Out)




Hard Durable Plastic Construction 

CFD Tested Design






Stainless Hardware Used Throughout 



Made in the U.S.A.




The Verus Engineering Ventus 1 package decreased the overall lift and reduced drag of the GV WRX/STI. The overall aerodynamic efficiency was improved as the components create downforce with minimal added drag. The side splitters help keep high-pressure air on the top of the vehicle which aids in downforce production.  The Verus Engineering Ventus 1 package helps the GV WRX/STI get more from the tires at the track and also increases gas mileage on a daily driver. The Ventus 1 package will be great for either a normal daily driver or a weekend track car.