Common Service Pricing

Please note that pricing shown is estimated for standard vehicles. Pricing is subject to change without notice. .

We offer competitive pricing and quality work for all makes and models. 

Lubrication / Oil Changes:

- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 5W30 or 5W20)
- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 5W30 or 5W20 Full Synthetic)
- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 0w20 Full Synthetic) - (All new Japanese Vehicles) 
+ for OEM Filter instead of standard oil filter. 

Performance Lubrication / Oil Changes:

- *MOTUL 8100 X-Cess (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) (up to 5L of 5W40)
- *MOTUL 8100 X-Clean (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) (up to 5L of 5W30)
- *MOTUL 8100 X-Lite (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) 0w20

- All fluid service are subjected to a "Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee" 

Safety & Inspections: MTO - Safety Inspection

- MTO Vehicle Safety Certification Inspection --- Required for new vehicle/used vehicle registration and transfer of ownership

- Full vehicle Inspection (Includes dis-assembly of brake components with lubrication) --- Vehicle inspection can be upgraded to a MTO Safety Certification for an additional +

- Front brake service
- Rear brake service
- Replace front pads and rotors
- Replace rear pads and rotors
- Replace Rear shoes and drums

Tires & Alignments:

- 4 Wheel alignment (3D Laser Aligner / John Bean V2300) 
- **4 Wheel alignment (Custom)+ (3D Laser Aligner / John Bean V2300) 
--- Includes complete front and rear (camber/caster/toe) 
--- Lowered / Slammed / Stretch n' Poke / Flush Fitment / Cambered vehicles accepted. 
-------- For vehicles with excessively low ground clearance please have your front bumper ready to be removed. 
- Balance 4 wheels
- Install, mount and balance 4 tires
- Single Tire Mount and Balance  
- Single Tire Balance

A/C - Air Conditioner Service: 

- Recharge Service (+ for Dye Injection Service) 


  • - Transmission service (fluid, filter, and gasket extra)
  • - Power Steering service
  • - Brake Fluid Service
  • - Differential and Transfer case services (drain and fill)
  • (includes 2L of gear oil) synthetic extra
  • - Differential service (remove and reseal cover)
  • (includes 2L of gear oil) synthetic extra
  • - Engine Coolant service + Coolant
  • - Subaru Manual Transmission Fluid Service
  • --- Non-STI (MOTUL Motylgear 75w90 Semi-Synthetic)
  • --- STi = (MOTUL GEAR300 75w90 Full-Synthetic) / Can also be used for Non-STI models.
  • - Subaru Rear Differential Fluid Services
  • --- Non-STi (MOTUL Motylgear 75w90 Semi-Synthetic)
  • --- STi (MOTUL GEAR300 75w90 Full-Synthetic) / Can also be used for Non-STi models.

Specialty (Subaru Performance)

- Downpipe Install (without Turbo to Downpipe Gasket)
- Catback Exhaust
- Downpipe & Catback Exhaust (Turbo Back Exhaust) (w/o Turbo to Downpipe Gasket)
- Uppipe Install
- Turbo Install (does not include coolant) 
- Turbo & Uppipe (does not include coolant) 
- External Waste Gate Setups
- Hella Horn Install (2015+ Impreza WRX/STI or any vehicle requiring bumper removal is additional +) 
- Steering Rack Swaps --- 2015+ STi Steering Racks are direct swap 08-14 STi / 11-14 WRX 
---- Note: 08-10 Narrow Body WRX use shorter outer tie rod ends results in limited alignment adjustment. 
- Header / Turbo Manifold (no Uppipe)
- Transmissions (Manual 5MT/6MT Turbo/WRX/STi/XT) (Requires Downpipe to be removed) 
- Transmission (Manual & Automatic Non-Turbo 2.5RS/2.5i/L/Outback/Brighton)
- Rear Differential Swap (R160/R180) / Pre-2008
- Rear Differential Swap (R160/R180) / Post-2008+
- Heatshield Repairs (Lifetime Repair) (Subjective based on inspection) 
- Boost Leak Check / Smoke Test
- Leakdown Test & Compression Test with printed result form
- Oil Pan Replacement
- Group N or Solid Engine Mounts
- Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Front & Rear) include MOTUL DOT 5.1 Fluid
- Coilover or Fully Assembled Shock/Springs Install (Front & Rear / Set)
- Lowering Spring Installation (Set)
- Transmission Upper Mount / Pitch Stop
- Lower Transmission Mount and/or H-Brace Crossmember Bushings
- Top Mount Intercooler / TMIC replacement

Subaru Turbocharger Repair Service (Applicable: VF-Series / TD04 | IHI & Mitsubishi Turbo)

- Rebuild Turbocharger (Includes New Center Section, Seals and Balance)
- Reseal Turbocharger (Internal Reseal, Replace Stainless Steel Rings)
- Reseal Turbocharger (External - Leaking/Smoking from Exhaust Housing) NOTE: Turbocharger repair pricing does not include diagnostics, removal and re-installation. 

* - Pricing is based on average capacities and in some cases certain engine, transmissions and differentials will require increased capacities which may increase estimated cost. 

** - Custom alignments continue based of additional time needed to allow for proper alignment specs. In some cases camber arms, toe arms, caster arms and or bushing/bolts maybe required to allow for further alignment specs. Standard alignments normally include rear toe adjustment (if applicable) and front camber, caster & toe (if applicable). 

Prices do not include parts, gaskets, seals, or HST. All prices are subject to change without notice.