Fender Rolling Service

Fender Rolling Service

This service provides additional wheel clearance for lowered vehicles and/or vehicles with larger/wider wheel fitment. 2 x Wheel/Fender - $100/Hour (Front or Rear of the vehicle) 4 x Wheel/Fender - $180/Hour (All 4 corners of the vehicle)

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Procedure and Equipment:

Seven Automotive uses the industry standard Eastwood Fender Rolling tool to provide a safe and clean results.

During the rolling procedure heat is applied to the vehicles paint to allow "flex" while pressure is applied.

Fender Rolling is vinyl / wrap safe and can be applied at any time.

Fender Rolling is not "Plastidip" safe and in some cases will cause the body work to warp/peel during the service

What can you expect from this service:

- Vehicle fender/quarter panel inner lip will be rolled "flush" inwards against the inner body panel.

- Some vehicle designs require post-rust proofing services to protect against corrosion.

- *This service comes with no guarantees and is at your own risk due to the nature of this service.

- In some rare cases paint may crack during the service and we recommend purchasing a touch-up pen/stick from the dealer.

What not to expect:

- This is a "roll" service not "pulling or stretching" if you require more then rolling then paint/body damage will occur.

- This service can only "roll" the inner lip inwards all the way flush to provide maximum inner fender clearance.

- If your vehicle has any of the following "rust, body repair, repaint, peeling clear coat, etc" this service is not recommended and will most likely damage your vehicle. .