Pitch Stop Mount Bushing Kit RED (80A Durometer) - Replacement for Standard GrimmSpeed Pitch Stop Mount




Collections: Engine, Mounts & Bushings, Shifter Bushings & Levers

Product type: Pitch Stop Mount

Vendor: GrimmSpeed

Tags: 80a, bushing, durometer, for, grimmspeed, kit, mount, pitch, red, replacement, standard, stop



Out with the old, in with the new!

These bushing kits were created to be a replacement or upgrade for your GrimmSpeed Pitch Stop Mount. The red bushings are the same durometer rating as our standard pitch stop; 80A. The black kit is the same set of bushings that comes in our Race Version Mount in a stiffer 95A durometer rating. If the bushings in your current GrimmSpeed Pitch Stop Mount are starting to see some wear and are in need of replacement, or you want to upgrade to a stiffer bushing (or vice-versa) these are exactly what you need!


  • 80A or 95A Durometer Options - The 1st is designed to minimize movement without being too harsh, the 2nd is more stiff for aggressive driving/track use
  • Included Grease Packet - The right grease for quiet use and easy installation
  • Integrated Grease Flutes - Keeps the sleeve lubricated and protected
  • Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA


  • Direct replacement for original Standard or Race Version GrimmSpeed Pitch Stop Mount Bushings