IAG Performance Air / Oil Separator (AOS) Street to Competition Series Conversion Kit For 06-14 WRX, 04-20 STI




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The IAG AOS conversion kit is designed to switch the upper breather portion of the Street Series AOS to the Competition Series AOS in the 2006-14 Subaru WRX and 2004-20 STI. The kit includes the new billet aluminum Competition Series Single breather port, replacement breather o-ring, breather discharge hose, NPT plug, (x2) rubber caps and zip ties.

*May require tune recalibration.

*This kit is designed to convert part# IAG-ENG-7100 to part# IAG-ENG-7200.

(x1) IAG Competition Series Breather Port
(x1) Breather port o-ring
(x1) 1" I.D. Breather discharge hose 60 inch length
(x1) 1/4 inch NPT plug
(x1) 1/2 inch rubber cap
(x1) 5/8 inch rubber cap
(x1) 11 inch zip tie
(x5) 6 inch zip tie