Front Wheel Deflector Kit - FT86




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Product type: Front Wheel Deflector Kit

Vendor: Verus Engineering

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The Verus Engineering Front Wheel Deflectors were designed to improve vehicle handling at high rates of speed. 

By reducing the airflow which makes it into the wheel well and directly hitting the front wheel, we are able to reduce drag. By persuading the airflow to go to the underbody, we are able to increase the downforce of the vehicle as well.

The units are produced from sheet aluminum; attached using OE hardware and are designed to work with and without our front splitter.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to extract more performance for the given build volume; increasing downforce generated from the addition of the wheel deflectors.


  • Front Wheel Deflector, Left-Hand Side

  • Front Wheel Deflector, Right-Hand Side

  • Front Wheel Deflector Add On, OE Bumper (2)

  • Front Wheel Deflector Add On, Splitter (2)

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Necessary Pieces for a Seamless Install




Reduce Lift (Increase Downforce)

Reduce Airflow That Makes it into the Wheel Well

Reduce Drag

Reduce Lap Times

Increase Fuel Economy



CFD Optimized Design




  CNC Laser Cut

CNC Press Bent

5052 Aluminum Construction

Powdercoated for Durability  

Stainless Hardware Throughout




The goal of the front wheel deflectors is to reduce airflow hitting the front tires and making its way into the wheel well.  By doing so, we are able to reduce drag and reduce the lift that is generated in this area of the vehicle's underbody.