EWG Block-Off Plate 38/40mm V-band - Subaru Turbo Universal




Collections: Turbo

Product type: EWG Block-Off Plate

Vendor: GrimmSpeed

Tags: 38, 40mm, band, block, ewg, off, plate, subaru, turbo, universal, v



A full EWG set-up consists of an EWG up-pipe and a wastegate. The EWG set-up creates better turbo spool because it can utilize the exhaust gas more efficiently; however, the full EWG set-up can be a very expensive project if you are on a tight budget.

The GrimmSpeed External Wastegate Block-Off Plate is a solution for the person not able to purchase everything necessary for a full EWG set-up up front. The affordable EWG Block-Off Plate is placed over the side exit to the wastegate. This allows the EWG up-pipe to run without the wastegate. Once the wastegate is purchased, the EWG Block-Off Plate can be easily removed.

The GrimmSpeed™ EWG Block-Off Plate is made from 304 SS and comes with a V-Band Clamp to complete the install. 

GrimmSpeed Subaru External Wastegate EWG Block Off Plate