EJ Cast Aluminum Turbo Inlet OE




Collections: Intake System, Turbo

Product type: Hard Inlets

Vendor: Killer B Motorsport

Tags: Aluminum, Cast, EJ, Inlet, OE, Turbo



WHATS INCLUDED: • Killer B hard inlet. • Turbocharger coupler. • ¼”NPT plug. • ¼”NPT to 3/8” straight barbed fitting. • ¼”NPT to 3/8” 90Degree barbed elbow fitting. • 3/8”NPT to 5/8” 90Degree barbed elbow fitting. • 1x small clamp for BPV return hose. • 1x medium clamp for coupling the coupler to the turbocharger. • 1x large clamp for coupling KBM inlet to offset coupler.