Driveshaft Carrier Bushings




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Product type: bushings

Vendor: Great North Performance




- Eliminates wheel hop / traction loss
- Improved 60fts / e.t's
- Made out of lightweight T6061 aluminum


These are GNP's Drive Shaft Carrier Bushings.

What they do is, they replace stock rubber bushings with solid aluminum ones. They are a direct fit and a very easy install with simple hand tools.

Why you would want these:
If you just use your Subaru or Scion go to get the groceries or dropping the kids off at soccer practice, then the stock pieces would do you just fine. But.. If you enjoy driving your Subaru or Scion the way it was designed for (closed course only please) or you are looking to take some of the looseness out of the driveline then these GNP solid aluminum bushings will help.
They are specially designed to help prevent the drive shaft from moving during acceleration / deceleration and hard cornering. They will aid increasing acceleration times and reduce wheel hop and aid in smoother shifting. They are made of T6061 aluminum and anodized to a deep red finish.

These are only for cars with manual transmissions.
Not all cars have factory rubber bushings, so please
check your car before ordering.

These GNP bushings fit a large selection of Subaru's and some Scions from 1993 on.
Subaru: STi, WRX, Impreza, Legacy, Forester, BRZ
Scion: FR-S