Air Pump Block Off Plates/Delete: Includes gaskets





Product type: Deletes

Vendor: Great North Performance

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This is GNP's air pump delete plates, they are used to eliminate the air pump solenoids that are known for failure and expensive to fix with some Subaru models.


When you price out what it costs to fix this air pump, you might decide to remove it altogether.

Or, if you are looking to put your car on a small diet by removing this system.

This is where GNP block off plates come in, they do just that and block off the holes in the engine block where the air pump system was.


GNP's air pump delete kit includes two custom-CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum block-off plates,  stainless steel hardware and Subaru OEM gaskets if you would like, or supply your own. The plates are black-anodized to protect them and to keep them looking good.



This product will fit:

2006-2014 Wrx

2006-2018 Sti

2006-2012 Legacy GT

2006-2013 Forester XT

2007-2009 Outback XT


Note: If the air pump is removed, you will require tuning to turn off the CEL