Water Pump and Crank Pulley




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Vendor: Great North Performance

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This is GNP's 3 lightweight pulley combo set for the:
-2013-2017 Brz/Frs
-2013-2014 XV Crosstrek

These pulleys have been CAD designed, CNC milled out of T6061 aluminium. For lightness, strength and durability. At GNP our crank pulleys are dynamically balanced to 8200 rpm, to ensure smooth and balanced running. As always, these products are 100% made in Canada.

We have our pulleys anodized in three rich colours, to give your engine bay some bling to go along with the added quickness that they provide.

These are a stock size alternator pulleys, crank pulleys and water pump pulleys, just a lot lighter, so your stock belts will work.

Stock pulleys vs GNP pulleys

The stock crank pulley is 2267 grams
The stock alternator pulley is 195 grams
The stock water pump pulley is 454 grams
That adds up to 2916 grams or 6.4 lbs

The GNP Lightweight crank pulley is 615 grams
The GNP Lightweight alternator pulley is 71 grams
The GNP Lightweight water pump pulley is 325 grams
For a total weight of 1011 grams or 2.2 lbs

That's a total weight reduction of 1905 grams or 4.2 lbs!

Get the power to the wheels quicker, with GNP pulleys