Crank Pulley EJ




Collections: Pulleys

Product type: Pulley

Vendor: Great North Performance




Easy to install
Works with Gates stretch belt tool
1.8 lbs
CAD designed
CNC produced
Individually dynamically balanced to 8200rpm
Made In Canada


Design Features:

Our CAD designed, CNC'd milled and balanced light weight pulley is made from T6061 billet aluminium, then it gets
anodized to protect it from the elements and gives it a great finish.

This pulley is not underdriven, it will not effect the electrical system of your car. You can use the stock Subaru belts.

I personally work on my own cars, and I keep us backyard mechanics in mind.
So, GNP has designed this pulley to work with the same tool that you would use to hold the stock pulley.
When you are installing this pulley, like all pulleys, you have to hold on to it to torque it down. With the bolts, screw the tool to the pulley and torque away. Why not make it easy.

As for users of the stretch belt with 2008+ Subarus,
GNP's light weight pulley works with the gates stretch belt tool.So again why not make it easy.

The weight:

Stock crank pulley weight 2.517 kg / 5.5 lbs or 2.358kg/ 5.2lbs
(Subaru uses a few different crank pulleys)
GNP's lightweight pulley weight .854kg or 1.8 lbs

Difference 1.663 kg or 3.7 lbs 1.504kg or 3.4 lbs

Weighing in at a measly .854 kgs or 1.8 lbs Great North Performance lightweight pulley is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their power
delivery to the wheels.

Another added feature with these lightweight crank pulleys, is that every one is individually dynamically balanced to 8200rpm.
Again this is overkill, this way we can assure you that you are buying the best possible product on the market.

Great North Performance lightweight pulley as all lightweight pulleys do not increase horse power. What they do because of their lightened properties is reduce rotational mass, which allows the motor to rev more freely.
The power that's created by the motor will to be transferred to the wheels quicker.