EGR Deletes, Black




Collections: Intake System

Product type: Deletes

Vendor: Great North Performance

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GNP's EGR kit is made from  6061 billet aluminum and includes all the elbows and Subaru gaskets that you need for a complete install. GNP's EGR kit intended to slow down carbon buildup on the intake valves and ports by not allowing oily residue back into the combustion chamber. 


GNP's EGR Delete Kit allows you to eliminate the OEM EGR system. 
Eliminating the EGR will result in a cleaner engine by not having the EGR dump deposits of carbon and soot into your engine.

An ECU tune required to removed codes caused by removing the OEM EGR system.

Available for:

2015 - 2020 wrx

2014 - 2018 forester xt