Brake Cooling Package, Fog light to Backing Plate - FT86




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Vendor: Verus Engineering

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The Verus Engineering Full Brake Cooling Kit is configured in an OEM style format, with emphasis on the shortest route possible.  The kit dramatically reduces rotor temperatures on track, improving pad and rotor wear. Using the OEM fog lights as the inlet to the kit and a well-formed duct in the inner fender line this is the brake cooling kit to have. The kit comes with everything necessary for an install, including pre-cut hoses.

*Please note that it does require the removal of the washer fluid reservoir.  There are multiple ways to retain washer fluid reservoirs though.*

During the design process; we utilized in-house scan data and 3D printing. This resulted in a product that features a near OEM fit and finish.

This brake cooling kit was designed for owners looking to maximize their brake's cooling efficiency and increase the brake's ability to do their job.


  • Backing Plate Incl. Carbon Ducts Riveted On (2, LH and RH)

  • 2.5" Pre-Cut Silicone High Temp Brake Hose (2)

  • Fender Pancake Duct (2)

  • Fender Pancake Duct Bracket (2)

  • 3.0" Pre-Cut Neoprene Brake Hose (2)

  • 3.0" Stainless Hose Clamp (4)

  • 2.5" Stainless Hose Clamp (4)

  • Foglight Duct (2)

  • 2013-2016 MY Foglight Duct Bracket (2)

  • 2017+ MY Foglight Duct Bracket (2)

  • Steering Rack Limiter Kit

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Necessary Pieces to Install Kit Seamlessly









  Directs Air Into the Center of the Rotor for Maximum Cooling

Stainless Backing Plate with Carbon Duct Increase Airflow Where it Benefits Brake Cooling the Most

OEM Type Install

Installs in a Few Hours with Minimal Hand Tools and Know-How

Minimally Invasive Install

Short Routing to Maximize Cooling Efficiency and Airflow



  Stainless Backing Plate

2x2 Twill Pre-Preg Carbon Air Duct

Hard Plastic Fender Ducts (Pancake Duct)

Hard Plastic Fog Light Ducts

Pre-cut 3" and 2.5" Brake Duct Hose (Neoprene for Foglight, High Temp Silicone for Backing Plate)

All Necessary Hardware Included



Made in the U.S.A.




Via tuft testing and thermal image testing, it is clear that the brake cooling kit is highly effective even when used with the OEM rotors which have quite small vanes when compared to those of big brake kits.  Smaller vanes will hurt flow and cooling due to the reduced size.  With the brake cooling kit, the rotors remained much cooler directly after applying the brakes as well as after a short drive without using the brakes.  It is also apparent that at high rates of speed, the brake cooling kit does significantly more than at lower speeds.  This makes a lot of sense as the kit works by using frontal ambient air and funneling it into the center of the rotor.  At higher speeds, pressure and flow rates are greater than at low speeds.  We have heard reports back from customers tracking their cars having reduced brake fade, reduced rotor cracking, improved pad wear, and reduced brake fluid boiling.  As a result, this is a great kit to help keep brake components at an appropriate temperature during competition and/or track days.