Common Service Pricing

Please note that pricing shown is estimated for standard vehicles. Pricing is subject to change without notice. .

We offer competitive pricing and quality work for all makes and models.

Below is a sample of our pricing for many common service and repair items.

Shop door rate/diagnostic rate - $100/Hour (Updated MAY 2019)

Lubrication / Oil Changes:

- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 5W30 or 5W20) - $35
- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 5W30 or 5W20 Full Synthetic) - $60
- *Lube, oil & filter change (up to 5L of 0w20 Full Synthetic) - $80 (All new Japanese Vehicles)
+$5 for OEM Filter instead of standard oil filter.

Please note that pricing listed above is a general pricing list as some vehicles may have a higher charge due to the type of oil filter used.

Performance Lubrication / Oil Changes:

- *MOTUL 8100 X-Cess (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) (up to 5L of 5W40) - $90
- *MOTUL 8100 X-Clean (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) (up to 5L of 5W30) - $90
- *MOTUL 8100 X-Lite (Performance Lube oil & Subaru OEM Filter) 0w20 - $110

- All fluid service are subjected to a "Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee"

Safety & Inspections:

MTO - Safety Inspection

- MTO Vehicle Safety Certification Inspection - $100 --- Required for new vehicle/used vehicle registration and transfer of ownership

- Full vehicle Inspection - $90 (Includes dis-assembly of brake components with lubrication) --- Vehicle inspection can be upgraded to a MTO Safety Certification for an additional +$10

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